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    Cote d'Ivoire
  • Brief biography (200 words max)
    I am a senior Computer Sciences expert, Development Strategist, Business Development and Programme
    Manager with roots deeply embedded in Youth Leadership and Employment. I’m a Development Strategist by
    experience and currently undertaking a Diploma and Master in Business Administration at the International
    Business Management Institute in Berlin, Germany. I hold a Master degree in computer sciences with EDHEC
    Business School. I also hold an executive leadership training program certificate in Fundamentals of
    Leadership with Ghana Institution of Management and Public Administration – GIMPA and for African
    Leadership Studies, and Advanced Project Management Certificate with Project and Outcomes-Based
    Management: UNESCO Model with réSEAU ASPNET of UNESCO Côte d'Ivoire and another Advanced
    Human Resources Management Certificate with Alison. I’m a Mandela Institute for Developments Studies
    Fellow, as well as African Union Young Professional Fellow with a keen interest in Youth Unemployment and
    Youth Leadership, Poverty and labor markets, Economics, African Renaissance, International Relations,
    Afro/Silo relations and South-South Cooperation in particular. I’ve participated in civic programs of UN
    Habitat as the first Francophone African being there. I’ve immensely contributed to the research to publish AFLI
    in august 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. I have a contagious affinity for Job creation, Youth Employment and
    Leadership, Partnership, and Relation Management, and have made the best attempt to articulate African
    perspectives on development questions facing Africa as a Pan-Africanist. I am proficient in quantitative
    analysis (majorly with STATISTICA) and qualitative analysis as a senior Development Strategist.
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    African Leadership Institute
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    Project Management and Developement
  • Job Title
    Project Associate
  • Leadership alumnus organisation
    Beta Testers
  • Year participated/graduated
    2018-9-21 23:59:59
  • Work History 1
    Managing engagement with multiple stakeholders such as AU, NEPAD, African Development Bank (AfDB),
    World Economic Forum, Mastercard, and Irex amongst others. Providing research, assisting the CEO in her
    daily work, mobilizing resources and secure project partners and managing over 500 ChangeLeads and
    ChangeMakers within the organization Digital platform.

    Achievement: Managing 65% of the entire project with a very high-level engagement especially GIZ, AU, Ford
    Foundation and 105 Leadership organization across the continent.