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Duties and Qualifications- Communication Officer (Field) Profile
Various Locations
Grade: Junior (P2), Mid (P3) and...
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The latest release of the software has added an additional feature called 'mutual friends'.  It appears when you click on a friend at the top of the tab, left.  It shows mutual friends with the friend you've clicked on.  The screengrab demonstrates this if I click on Thomas' profile - he and I are friends.

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  • Basic Information

  • Nationality
    South Africa
  • Brief biography (200 words max)
    In 2011, I started Integrated Media Strategies, a consultancy engaged in improving communications for organisations, non-profits and initiatives. I have been working with AFLI since 2014.
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Professional

  • Occupation
    Communications Consultant
  • Job Title
  • Leadership alumnus organisation
    Beta Testers
  • Year participated/graduated
    2020-6-17 23:59:59
  • Work History 1
    Started up the NC Biofuels Center, along with a small group of dedicated professionals to chart a path for North Carolina to replace 10% of its fuel with advanced biofuels from renewable, cellulosic local sources.
  • Work History 2
    Started up NC BioNetwork, a highly successful workforce development program to re-skill North Carolinians laid off from textiles and tobacco manufacturing for work in the biopharmaceutical sector. Chaired the state's biotech marketing and recruitment committee, leading to NC attracting more than $4.6 billion in new investments and expansions in a three year period and thousands of new jobs.
  • Work History 3
    Worked with a broad range of small businesses, mentoring, training and supporting them; providing communications support to a federally funded Advanced Manufacturing statewide advanced manufacturing workforce development initiative in rural counties that led to more than $1 bn in capital investment and 6,600 new jobs; published by the Federal Reserve Bank in a publication titled Models for Labor Market Intermediaries on successful economic and workforce development best practices; part of the initial start-up team of eNews in South Africa and the prime-time newscast producer for the first two years; started up two digital newsrooms in the USA, one in Houston and another in the Piedmont Triad; SCORE Small Business presenter;