Newleaders.Africa emerged from an initiative in 2018 which the African Leadership Institute ran a survey across the African continent and compiled a library of organisations and initiatives providing leadership programmes to young, African leaders. Alumni of those programmes are who make up the bulk of the members on this site. You can read the report on that project, titled An Abundance of Young African Leaders, but No Seat at the Table, or visit the searchable directory to find a programme that meets your needs from the approximately 100 detailed listings. 

It is possible that we may have missed programmes in our survey, or that your program was started after the directory was compiled. Should you wish your alumni to be part of Newleaders.Africa and have the opportunity to network directly with their peers, please contact us to be added to both the directory and the registration process for your alumni on this site.

Organisations offering programs have the opportunity to create Pages and Groups here. Pages provide a way to post progammatic notifications that is accessible to thousands of young African leaders, and Groups provide a space for your alumni to gather.