Newleaders.Africa is the location where Africa's young leaders gather and network. The site aggregates thousands of accomplished people who take leadership seriously; so much so that they are alumni of around 100 organisations providing leadership programmes and fellowships. 

A key goal for this site is to enable international and intergovernmental organisations, national governments, NGOs, and the private sector to more easily find the talent they need for a seat at the decisionmaking table. The simplest way to find talent is to use the global site search function. Alternately, organisations may wish to set up and maintain a presence on this site to share information on their Pages or to regularly post jobs or opportunities to the Jobs Board Group.

Since this site is set up for leadership alumni to engage with each other and network, the process for organisations to set up pages or to post jobs is as follows:


It is possible for corporations, NGOs and even governments to create Pages on the site.  Users who will be allowed to create and maintain these pages are required to be office holders of those organisations, empowered to speak officially on their behalf, and abandoned pages will be deleted.  Pages are designed to provide a location for site users to engage with organisations directly. Organisations seeking to set up pages should use the register for a User Account and validate their email address.

On their first log in, the organisation staff member should complete the profile form for Organisations. They will be required to provide the following information:

  • Name of organisation. For governments, they should state which department or office holder is submitting the request.
  • Full website URL - the organisation's site URL must be provided. A Facebook page is insufficient.
  • Full name of the person who will be the user on the site representing that organisation
  • Nationality
  • Job title - to demonstrate the User's relationship with the organisation
  • A mobile phone number
  • Their email address.  Note that the email address much match the URL of the organisation. Generic email addresses will not be considered.
  • Onsite Purpose - Provide an explanation of why the organisation is seeking access to the site and how their Page will be used or what need it will meet.  This information will be used when setting up the Page, should the application be approved.

Upon receiving the application for consideration for access to the site, AFLI will consider the submission.  Should there be any further questions, they will be addressed to the email address provided.  Once accepted, a user account will be created for the representative of that organisation. Note that this site considers that user account to belong to an individual and that that individual is personally responsible for content created on this site on behalf of the organisation they represent. Generic user accounts are unacceptable.

Job postings

The process for gaining access for job postings is similar. If that is the primary purpose of joining the site, state that when completing the profile form.

The site has a job board, where organisations can post jobs and for large organisations posting jobs regularly, or jobs can be posted on organisation Pages. The staff member posting a job post should be prepared to answer questions about the posting.  Once a position has been filled, please edit the post to say it has been filled.

Approval Process

Upon receiving an application for consideration for access to the site, the information provided will be reviewed. Should there be any further questions, they will be addressed to the email address provided. Generic user accounts are unacceptable. Should the information provided be complete and acceptable, the profile will be approved and the user's Organization Page will be created.

Note that Moderators will not tolerate abuse of this functionality  - pages and posts - and users and posts will be removed if they are found to be negatively impacting the user experience on this site. 

User Limitations for Organisation and Jobs Posting Users

Users who obtained access to represent an organisation or for job-posting should not post in the common areas of the site and should limit their activity to the dedicated company pages and the jobs board.

For any questions, to submit a request for consideration, please use the contact button below.