For users representing organisations - not alumni members - read the Organisation FAQ page for first login profile completion instructions.  This page is for alumni members only.

At your first login, you will be required to complete the form that builds your online profile on this site.  Once you have completed your profile after your first login, you can use the site fully.  A number of fields must be completed, but can be hidden from public display or set to be visible to friends only.  We leave that to your discretion.  A number of fields are required before you will be allowed to use the site.  We did so for reasons of transparency, because we want people on this site to be able to see who they are networking with.

Please whitelist emails coming to you from  We may need to reach you regarding your account and if we do not receive a response, your account may end up being disabled.

We ask for complete profiles upon starting to ensure that right from the beginning, people seeking to connect can ascertain whether a visitor, organisation or a fellow alumnus can tell if the profile they are looking at may be a good fit. Complete profile information is also transparency and accuracy.  We wish this site to be a platform for Africans to move the needle in the right direction on many of the issues and challenges facing the continent and to do so, people need to be able to make and leverage contacts here to collaborate to drive transformation together.

Please change the default avatar with a picture of yourself.  This helps to improve engagement as we build a network of leaders and will assist with networking once people start meeting offline. Users who continue to leave up the default avatar will be nagged by the administrator to change it, and if necessary, their account will be placed on hold until rectified.

Note that Users found to be less than truthful about the programmes they have completed will be blocked and their accounts disabled. 

If you see a user account in which an individual claims to be a classmate or a Fellow and they aren't, please flag them.  We will follow up with them and the programme which they are claiming to be an alumnus of and verify.