Newleaders.Africa is a platform initiated by the African Leadership Institute as a grantee of the Ford Foundation. The platform serves as a space for new African leaders who have undergone leadership development at a number of programmes with which this site is partnering to network amongst themselves and also to connect them with various external stakeholders, for example – African governments and regional bodies, multilaterals, private sector companies and conference organisers - who want to leverage their skills and expertise.

It is the intention of the platform to raise their profiles and visibility so that they are “discoverable” as a way of formalising the process of identifying new African talent that is in abundance but so often overlooked. This platform will more easily ensure that their skills are harnessed and they get a seat at the table in order to help co-create solutions to Africa’s most pressing challenges, with their new ideas and new thinking, realising the investment of their leadership training. AFLI has partnered with leadership development initiatives and organisations - and their alumni - to build this network of young African leaders, who collectively can accomplish more than the sum of the individuals are able to.